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Anonymous received Nov 19, 2022

Prayed for 7 times

I am a sinner by choice. i have broken every promise and am in the depths of despair over my sinful nature and how it has ruined my life. I sin by choice and have hurt those who love me to the point they no longer want me around. They all hate me now and want me dead and gone. they will not forgive me and I probably don't deserve their forgivness. My prayer is for them to receive the Love of God as they do now know Him as their savior. They only care about money and earthly riches. I forgive them as I want to be forgiven myself. I really hate myself and have for 50 years. I was raised to believe I am no good and have proven it to be true. I know God loves me and I hope to become worthy and quit my bad habits. Please Pray for me. I am thinking of comitting sucicide but don't because I have to believe there is Hope somewhere in this world. I am borderline homeless and hope to make it through the winter staying with a friend that really doesn't want me around. I don't blame them. Please Pray for me. My sin is ever befor me and I hate the thought of my sins. I am not a murderer or a child molestor or rapist. I am a thief. I am so ashamed.

Katelynn Lemons received Jun 14, 2022

Prayed for 23 times

Praying that my surgery next month goes well and that my endometriosis is removed.

Carol Pantoja received Apr 4, 2022

Prayed for 12 times

That God be with me through all the treatments that I have to have. Getting blood transfusion today sometime.

Jo Wilder received Apr 2, 2022

Prayed for 12 times

Please pray with me that God will heal my husband Mike of his cancer Matthew 18 19

Anonymous received Dec 31, 2021

Prayed for 18 times

Please pray for me that my finances will improve.

William J Skasick received Dec 12, 2021

Prayed for 20 times

Please pray for my 39 yr old son Billy he's addicted to alcohol just got his 2nd dwi bi polar may be back drinking heavy psych dr put him back on Vraylar to treat bad anxiety and severe depression lately pray his Vraylar induced stomach side effects will improve pray his tax refund shows up needs job badly needs joint custody of his 2 boys pray he finds female relationship soon he's very depressed and lonely has an upcoming court date for last dwi pray for favorable outcome psych dr also put him on Vivitrol shots to control drinking pray for God's deliverance from alcohol and depression also pray my daughter becky gets her $1800 stimulus

Carol Pantoja received Jan 5, 2021

Prayed for 26 times

Please be in prayer for Carol as she will be having tests done over her heart for the next few weeks. Pray for her health and heart.

Katelynn Lemons received May 24, 2020

Prayed for 24 times

My boyfriend Calvin went to the hospital a week ago for a kidney infection and got out a few days ago and is taking medication. I am asking for prayers that he gets better and is able to return his job that he is itching to go back to.

Katelynn received Apr 14, 2020

Prayed for 39 times

That Katelynn's boyfriend Calvin's cancer goes away. He has leukemia. He has had it twice now.

Ryan Schulenberg received Mar 30, 2020

Prayed for 65 times

Please pray for Rumi, she is having painful headaches due to her sinuses and it is making it difficult for her to work.

parker received Mar 21, 2020

Prayed for 65 times

Please be praying for our men and women working in our healthcare departments. There are so many people who are continuing to work during this time putting themselves in harms way to bring us the necessary essentials from, truck drivers, to grocery store workers, paramedics, police officers, and more.